machine learning solutions for healthcare

Predict Outcomes & Prevent Errors with Machine Learning solutions for the Healthcare industry.

At Positronic, we believe that today’s data can make tomorrow’s healthcare decisions more powerful. Whether you’re looking to solve problems related to patient care & diagnostics or compliance and governance, we can help you to develop a tomorrow that is more efficient, more accurate, and more desirable than today.

Work with our team of data scientists to harness your existing medical & operational data to improve clinical outcomes, organizational performance, and patient experience.

Solutions for:

  • Hospital Administration

  • Clinicians

  • Clinical Research

  • Medical Data Security

  • Governance & Compliance

  • Diagnostic Data


Smart Data

Work with our team to make sense of your mountains of data. We’ll turn your raw data into managed data lakes, allowing you to leverage it for any purpose.

Smart Apps

Work with our team to develop the software solutions your medical facility needs to perform at its best in every way.

Smart Devices

Positronic builds artificial intelligence into hardware and software systems to make them see & learn in real-time. Develop medical hardware that leverages AI, ML or computer-vision.