Smart Devices

Connected & IoT Device Development

Through instrumentation objects can be sensed or controlled remotely across existing network infrastructure, creating opportunities for direct integration of the physical world with software, resulting in improved efficiency, accuracy and reduced human intervention. When you partner with Positronic device lab you go to market faster with more trial and less error.

Work with our IoT Product Development Specialists for assistance developing interactive devices that transform your data into connected action.

The First NETWORKED (Internet of) Thing

In the mid 1970s grad students at Carnegie-Mellon modified the Coke machine on the 3rd floor in the main terminal room of the CS department to sense how many bottles were present in each of its six columns of bottles. The switches were hooked up to the main departmental computer; a PDP-10. A server program was written to keep tabs on the Coke machine’s state, including how long each bottle had been in the machine. The PDP-10’s Finger server was modified to run the Coke status program whenever someone fingered the nonexistent user “coke”. For over a decade anyone on the Internet could see which slots were cold, warm, and empt

finger coke@cmua

Hockey Bot

Step up to the table to play this air hockey against a rig the Positronic team built for the 2017 StampedeCon AI Summit in St. Louis.

A camera mounted on the board and connected to a laptop under the table runs custom Python code leveraging OpenCV, a little deep learning, and some clever math. The AI drives two Arduino controlled stepper motors acting as an H-Bot (2-d plotter) to make a paddle fly across the air hockey surface.

Nothing in your experience prepares you for the feeling of physically interacting with an AI as it learns to play a game with you.

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