Safe Office

In November 2017 Microsoft retired Microsoft Word Viewer, the free application from Microsoft that allowed users to open Microsoft Word Documents in a view-only mode. Microsoft retired the rest of the office suite in April 2018, including Microsoft Excel Viewer, Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer. Microsoft recommends that customers switch to their free mobile app, their free online web viewers, or upgrade to Office 365.

The mobile and apps are non-starters; available only on limited platforms and carrying significant retraining and support costs. The Office 365 option puts Office back on your desktops but after the free 1 month the cost is $100 per user per year. For a call center with 3000 desktops, that’s a $300,000 annual recurring liability.

None of these solutions offers the view-only experience required to fully protect sensitive customer data. Continuing to use the retired Microsoft document viewers is not an option. New security exploits are announced daily. Desktop software must be continuously maintained to prevent embarrassing and costly security breaches.

SafeOffice is a new service that delivers safe distributions of the world’s most popular open source office suite.


SafeOffice is built on LibreOffice, the most downloaded and most compatible open source office suite on the market. SafeOffice users open documents from their emails desktop the exact same way the Microsoft Document Viewers once worked. Even the keyboard shortcuts and macros are the same.


Cost Effective

Install SafeOffice on an unlimited number of desktop computers with absolutely zero annual license fees. We deliver tested, signed, Windows Installer Packages that your IT team can distribute using existing management systems.



Modifying, saving, exporting, printing are all removed from the codebase to make SafeOffice 100% PCI DSS compliant. The SafeOffice engineering team vigilantly monitors the open source application suite for security updates and patches, jumping into action at every release to create a new distribution without the features that put your sensitive customer data at risk